Sample presentations

An essential part of our business is knowing how to present collections and fabrics; in the right lay-out and atmosphere fabrics and colour palettes look their best. As a supplier of fabrics, throughout the years we have built up valuable experience in developing sample presentations and collection books. We work closely together with our design agency and several sample makers, allowing us to present and market our collections in a unique and appealing way.

Unique Card Service

As an additional service, we offer our customers the possibility of ordering sample cards and complete collection books. The possibilities range from simple neutral cards to fully customized collection books in the customer’s company style. The Card Service is a perfect solution for customers who want to present their collections in a professional and attractive way in the market, but who do not have the required contacts, knowledge or experience.

From neutral to fully customized

Sample cards are available in three varieties. The neutral card is supplied without a logo. If desired, you can provide it with a sticker with your company details. On the private label version, we will include your address details and logo in printing. With the customized card, almost anything is possible. You can define your own collection and determine the look and feel of the card.

Would you like to know more about our unique Card Service? Feel free to contact us without any obligations.