Pleated Fabrics

Meaningful Collection

the power of colour

Experience the power of colour and discover the Lienesch Pleated Fabrics Collection. Amazing varieties come to life in a wide collection of pleated blind fabrics in which colour plays the leading part. The collection includes 15 different qualities. Each quality has its own colour range and expresses a unique feeling. Structures, rich jacquards, amazing burn-outs and printed designs are part of the collection.

warm minimalism

large pleat

visually appealing covering

Discover our new Large Pleat Collection! A new collection line of 32 mm pleated fabrics and 45 mm Honeycell fabrics. Thanks to the extra wide fold, the fabrics are ideal for visually appealing covering of large windows in both width and height.

Roller & Vertical

totally textile

totally textile

from basics to eye catchers

With a mix of high-quality basic fabrics and luxurious woven textiles our Roller & Vertical Collection embodies atmosphere, emotion and style. The variety of plain qualities is characterized by a natural woven structure and textile look. Real eye catchers in the collection are rich jacquards, exclusive burn-outs and delicate embroidered fabrics. The majority of the fabrics is also suitable for panel blinds.

Contract & Project

inspired design

inspired design

stylish functionality

The fabrics in our Contract & Project Collection not only contribute to a comfortable indoor climate, they create atmosphere and style. Apart from pure functional fabrics the collection offers decorative woven fabrics and a rich pallet of contemporary colours to suit any space, interior design and architecture. Of course, our contract fabrics meet the functional and technical specifications in the market.


amazing variety

amazing variety

honeycomb fabrics with atmosphere

Discover the endless possibilities of our Honeycell Collection. The perfect isolating and energy saving properties of honeycomb fabrics are now combined with atmosphere and a refreshing new look. The collection includes over 375 unique articles and 20 different qualities. It comprises 25, 45 and a unique 20 mm variety, single as well as double cell fabrics and varieties with a natural look and exceptional prints.


function first

function first

working solutions for every space

In this collection the specific function of the fabrics and materials is key. Apart from mosquito gauze and black-out fabrics, the collection includes a series of space dividers. The articles are perfect for the application in for example caravans and boats.

Kids Collection

for kids

colourful imagination

This wonderful collection of literally fantastic pleated and roller fabrics was created especially for our little ones. The fabrics are either more fairy-tale-like, featuring pretty princesses, dragons and soft pastel colours, or funny and cheerful due to the use of bright, primary colours.