Cookie policy

We use cookies. Cookies are small pieces of data that are placed in/on (the browser of) your computer, smartphone, tablet or other data carrier. Cookies cannot damage your data carriers or the files stored on them. The cookies are collected by us in order to effect a well-functioning website, for example to remember your preferred settings. Cookies can also be used to optimize the website because, for example, your preferred settings are remembered.

On your first visit to our website we inform you about the use of cookies and we ask your permission to place them. You can opt-out of the placement of cookies by changing the settings of your browser in such a way that it no longer stores cookies. More information about cookies can be found at:

In addition, we can use session cookies and permanent cookies. Session cookies are automatically removed when your browser is closed. Permanent cookies are stored for longer. We try to ensure that these cookies are stored for a maximum of 5 years after collection.

Which cookies?

The cookies that are placed by us may contain personal data. We use information collected with the help of cookies by us or third parties for various applications.

  • Functional cookies are used for functional purposes. We strive to offer you a well-functioning and user-friendly website. Without the use of these cookies the website is unable to function (properly). It is therefore necessary for us to use these cookies. In principal, we do not use these cookies to process personal data because we do not collect data that can be traced back to you.
  • Analytical cookies are used for analytical purposes. We use Google Analytics for this. We use these cookies to gain insight into how you use our website. With the help of these cookies we can, among other things, identify which parts of our website do not work and the effectiveness of the advertisements on our website. Examples of data we collect are: the websites you visit, forwarded or exit pages, the type of platform you use, the date and time notation, the e-mails you have opened and which e-mails have resulted in you taking action. We also use analytical cookies for our online advertising campaigns, to gain insight into how you use our website after an online advertisement is shown, including advertisements displayed on third-party websites.
    For more information about Google Analytics see
  • Tracking cookies are used to recognize you on other websites. We use Google AdWords for this. This allows us to provide you with customized advertisements, both on our website and on other websites. This is also called retargeting and is based on your surfing behaviour.

On our website, cookies can be placed by third parties, such as advertisers and other intermediaries, via Google Analytics and Google AdWords, which are called “third party cookies”. Third parties may include other companies, including advertisers.

We only use (analytical and tracking) cookies that collect personal data if you have consented to this. For this we display a cookie notice on our website.

Overview of cookies

Click here (add hyperlink to a list with an overview of the cookies used) for a list of cookies that are used on our websites.

Deleting cookies

If you do not want websites to place cookies on your device, you can block the placement of cookies by adjusting the settings of your internet browser (please refer to the help function of your browser if required). Please keep in mind that this may cause our website not to work optimally.