Create the future together


Bennie Lienesch


“Create the future together”. This motto suits us perfectly. Teamwork is definitely one of Lienesch great strengths. A large number of people work together on our collections, each with their own specialism. We have one thing in common though: 
we all have a keen eye for quality. We want to introduce the people behind Lienesch, all playing an equally important role in making our collections a success.

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Merit de Jong

graphic designer

I love sketching in my studio in the morning light.
The morning sunshine that illuminates my table as I first set pencil to paper serves as natural inspiration for my work. It is the beginning of a journey into the unknown. I was captivated by the shapes of nature at an early age. At home, we had a large bookcase full of books about nature, anatomy and art, which inspired me. The beautiful illustrations in those books gave me the sense that …

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Saskia Oude Heuvel

marketing manager

For me, connection is the magic word. Everyone has their own specific skills, and these were used optimally in this collection. I find it important to connect and to give professionals the space to contribute. The development process was a terrific journey, with this collection as a beautiful souvenir. The new collection started with attending expos and meetings. It is a combination of observing, talking, listening, and feeling.

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Marty Wessels

quality controller

In a world full of colour, my role is to think in black and white. Either it’s good, or it’s not. There’s nothing in between.
No matter how beautiful something is, if it fails to meet the required quality standards, it all stops there. Such an assessment is not simply plucked out of thin air. It is preceded by numerous tests. We get to know more about the fabric and its potential by conducting hanging, rolling, light, drilling and cutting tests. If irregularities are visible …

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Jens Niermeyer

commercial director

Listening is probably the most important aspect of my job. Listening to the client’s needs and desires.
We incorporated this feedback into the new pleated collection, but we also looked toward the future with a completely independent vision. A collection that had to be accessible to everyone. If you ask me, the result is exceptional. People sometimes ask me why a German would work for a Dutch company. The new collection provides the answer to that.

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Bart Wesselink

fabric inspector

Fabrics that have been designed and manufactured with such passion, need to be inspected in the same way. Inspecting is something you do with passion. We are the last to get our hands on the fabrics before they leave Lienesch. Literally, because everything is checked by hand. We check the fabrics on our special light table for the smallest irregularities, variations in colour, marks or tears. It is meticulous work.

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Caroline van Ockenburg

visual artist

To me it’s important to enchant others with my work. Whether in bronze, ceramics, wood, stone or fabric,
I want to delight and surprise people with a creation in which I believe wholeheartedly. People sometimes say that amazement is the beginning of insight. Every insight is new to children, that is why they can still be so wonderfully amazed. When Lienesch asked me to work with them on the children’s collection, I felt very honoured.

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Christiane Müller

creative advisor

For a collection to be good, it has to be balanced. A balance created when a meticulous mix of ingredients come together. This means looking for textures and structures that provide a rich material experience and for basics that fit in flexibly. An eye-catcher truly completes the collection and tells its story. My speciality is the overall collection policy. As a designer and colour specialist, I provided advice on the ambience, look and feel and …

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Aleksandra Gaca

textiles designer

I am fascinated by structures, spatial forms and three dimensionality of textiles. Feelings, emotion and aesthetics are essential to me when I design them. In my work, I push the boundaries of the impossible and try to find links between tradition and the current industry. Over the years, I have specialized in weaving and applying three-dimensionality to woven fabrics, a specialty resulting from experimenting with weaves and materials.

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