Aleksandra Gaca

Alexandra Gaca

“Push the boundaries of the impossible”

I am fascinated by structures, spatial forms and three- dimensionality of textiles. Feelings, emotion and aesthetics are essential to me when I design them.

In my work, I push the boundaries of the impossible and try to find links between tradition and the current industry. Over the years, I have specialised in weaving and applying three-dimensionality to woven fabrics, a speciality resulting from experimenting with weaves and materials. During the first stage of the design, the fabrics are hand-woven in my studio, a studio resembling a textiles laboratory during this stage of the process.
Applying three-dimensionality to pleated forms proved to be quite a challenge, because the pleats are a spatial form in itself. To me, creating three-dimensionality in the new Lienesch collection involved designing woven qualities and the possibilities within screen-printing technology. By playing with forms, structures, colour gradients, shadow effects and contrasts between matte and glossy fabrics, I havesucceeded in this challenge.

I enjoyed working with Lienesch, because they had painted me a beautiful picture of what they had envisioned the collection to look like. Visualising the image inspired me greatly and the Lienesch team and I have been on the same wavelength ever since. This got me into a certain flow while I was designing, a flow that brings out the best in your work, because you just feel it matches the intended image. Those are the moments you simply know you are part of creating something beautiful.

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