Christiane Müller

Christiane Müller

“The aim is to make something that appeals”

For a collection to be good, it has to be balanced. A balance created when a meticulous mix of ingredients come together. This means looking for textures and structures that provide a rich material experience and for basics that fit in flexibly. An eye-catcher truly completes the collection and tells its story.

My speciality is the overall collection policy. As a designer and colour specialist, I provided advice on the ambience, look and feel and the perception of the new Lienesch collection. The aim was to create a varied collection with its very own identity. A single look should be enough for someone to know: “That truly is Lienesch”.
To provide a common starting point, I have visualised the ambience, look and feel in a book. A book filled with attractive images and current trends in the field of fashion, art, interior and design. The main objective of the book was to inform and to inspire. It can be compared to a cookery book: you provide an image to the idea and add ingredients. Colours, materials and structures are used to create the right tasteful atmosphere. The aim is to make something that appeals. Colours and colour combinations are key.

I carefully picked out the colours for the new collection. In close collaboration with the various Lienesch designers a colour impression was created that is so wide and versatile that it allows us to appeal to a varied range of tastes and atmospheres. Lively, innovative, surprising, timeless, but contemporary at the same time, that is how I would describe the new collection. It ties in with contemporary interiors and with the way people want to live.

It is obvious that this collection has been created with heart and soul, to which the details are testament – details that people who love beautiful products appreciate. Everything you see and feel has been created with love and care. That is the true distinctive quality of Lienesch.

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