Jens Niermeyer

Jens Niermeyer

“A collection that embodies what we do and what we believe”

Listening is probably the most important aspect of my job. Listening to the client’s needs and desires. We incorporated this feedback into the new collection, but we also looked toward the future with a completely independent vision. A collection that had to be accessible to everyone. If you ask me, the result is exceptional.

People sometimes ask me why a German would work for a Dutch company. The new collection provides the answer to that. The creation of a collection is a result of Lienesch’s professional working method. Everyone here works in their own area of expertise with an open, honest and direct approach. The high degree of personal contact has an inspiring effect. I very much enjoy this way of working.
To us, the ability to distinguish ourselves is very important. Ask yourself: “If everyone drives that specific car, will you drive the same? Or is it important for you to have your own identity?” To us, it is about expressing what you represent and who you are.
There are many other companies that pleat fabrics, but not one company does it the way we do. If I had my way, I would give everyone a tour around the company to demonstrate the amount of passion that we put into our work. Unfortunately, that is not possible and that is why I am so delighted with this book. I have never been this enthusiastic about a collection in the twenty years that I have been working in the textile industry.

In my line of work, it is essential to be able to rely on a quality product. Lienesch was already known for its exceptional quality, but the new collection has added another dimension to that. A collection that embodies what we do and what we believe in. A collection with a completely individual identity.

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