Saskia Oude Aarninkhof

Saskia Oude Aarninkhof

“For me, connection is the magic word”

For me, connection is the magic word. Everyone has their own specific skills, and these were used optimally in this collection. I find it important to connect and to give professionals the space to contribute. The development process was a terrific journey, with this collection as a beautiful souvenir.

For me, the new collection started with attending expos and meetings. It is a combination of observing, talking, listening, and feeling. You look for trends. You scout what is being developed currently and what possibilities the future might hold. In our vision a collection should embody what you truly believe in. It needs to reflect our DNA. We believe that you create the future together. Hence the title: Create The Future Together.
We established our vision of the new pleated collection on the basis of observations from meetings with clients, at expos and lectures, and shaped it into four trending themes in terms of visual design: Clouding, Nature, Reborn and Feeling. We did the same with the Kids collection: Enchanting and Smiling. These trends were the foundation of a presentation to a number of carefully selected weaving companies and designers. They started working with these themes, each in their own way. We were overwhelmed with the results. We had inspired them with our story and thus, we had the most fantastic options at our disposal.

By being open to the views of others, ideas are created. It was important to us that we develop this collection together. My role was to get everyone to work from the same point of view and to allow them to do that in which they excel. This succeeded and that is something I am so incredibly proud of.

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