Marty Wessels

Marty Wessels

“Either it’s good or it’s not, there’s nothing in between”

In a world full of colour, my role is to think in black and white. Either it’s good, or it’s not. There’s nothing inbetween.

No matter how beautiful something is, if it fails to meet the required quality standards, it all stops there. Such an assessment is not simply plucked out of thin air. It is preceded by numerous tests. We get to know more about the fabric and its potential by conducting hanging, rolling, light, drilling and cutting tests. If irregularities are visible after these tests, we try to find a solution. It is very precise work. For example, by programming the pleating machine a grade hotter, the end result could be totally different.
Anyone who works in the quality control department at Lienesch needs to be open to innovation. New fabrics, that need to be tested, come in almost daily. It is a continuous process of innovation that brings a fresh challenge every day.

We followed the same process with the new collection. Like all other departments and the designers, we are involved in the development of a new collection from the beginning. The beauty of it all is that everyone’s vision is taken equally seriously. Being involved from the outset, you gain an insight into the work of others. It inspires you to go the extra mile to ensure a project succeeds. If later on it turns out that we still need to draw up a negative report, then at least this report will be clearly substantiated.

For example, when a designer produces a stunning design on paper, we first subject it to an entire test phase before it comes out of the pleating machine as a quality fabric. A design with horizontal stripes is such an example. The mere sight of a design with horizontal stripes is enough to make a quality controller break into a sweat. The most important is that you always think in terms of solutions and that you embrace the challenge.

Everyone works towards the same goal: a great-looking, high-quality end product. An end product that carries my seal of approval.
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