Merit de Jong


“I enjoy stimulating the viewer’s sense of fantasy with my work”

I love sketching in my studio in the morning light. The morning sunshine that illuminates my table as I first set pencil to paper serves as natural inspiration for my work. It is the beginning of a journey into the unknown.

I was captivated by the shapes of nature at an early age. At home, we had a large bookcase full of books about nature, anatomy and art, which inspired me. The beautiful illustrations in those books gave me the sense that everything moves, grows and extends, often visible in the form of offshoots. Not just in nature, but also in the world of culture and conceptualization.
I created various designs for Lienesch in which organic lines are the common theme. These have become shapes that I hope will inspire people in everyday situations. I enjoy stimulating the viewer’s sense of fantasy with my work.

This was the first time that my work was expressed in fabric. The fact that my designs were used for the new collection was wonderful, but also nerve wrecking. That apprehension was replaced with confidence when I realised that I share the same passion for my work with the team at Lienesch.

At Lienesch, they had the courage and took the time to approach different people for the new collection. I was very honoured to be asked to work with them. Lienesch gave me the freedom to work within my own domain and that is reflected in the finished product. A result with which I am particularly pleased.

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