how it started

meaningful + matter

  • is the future
  • is giving meaning
  • is getting to know one another
  • is making choices
  • is sustainable
  • is partner oriented
  • is co-creation
  • is unique and personal
  • is pleasant

creating fabrics that matter



A harmonious and well-balanced living environment is crucial to what makes people feel happy. You can translate
this into colour, materials, a feeling or atmosphere.

Christiane Müller – creative advisor

pure comfort

Our pure comfort trend is an all-over concept. A friendly, specific, tactile and positive trend which is very appealing due to the use of sophisticated materials and neutral colours. The overall feeling is ‘crafted touch’; hand-made with a natural and soft tactility. Because it is all about the essence of materials, everything within this trend is modest. It all connects to the number one priorities in life: well-being, safety, comfort and humanity.

crafted expression

Crafted Expression is the most artistic and graphic theme of the three themes and combines two elements: unique and personal. In this trend, aspects deliberately are left incomplete. This creates food for thought and leads to unique fabrics. The signature of this trend is characterised as abstract nature, improvisation, handmade and timeless.

enriched beauty

Enriched Beauty is the most luxurious theme of our collection. We usually see this theme in classic interiors. Rich colours as well as the colours of changing seasons, sunsets and sunrises play an important role within this theme; The collection is identified with ‚glowing nature‘, elegance and movement.  Different types of finishes and surfaces add a sense of preciousness and richness to the interior.

fabulous fabrics

true fabrics

Certain fabrics in this collection come with the True® label. Fabrics holding this label, are genuine sustainable fabrics. These True® fabrics are made of 100% post-consumer recycled PET and their origin is checked and traced by an independent certification body. Interested in finding out more about the True® fabrics and the certification behind these products? Discover the True® Story on

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