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create the future together

Teamwork is one of Lienesch’s greatest strengths. Our collections are the result of the joint efforts of a wide range of experts, each with their own specialisation. What they do all share is an eye for quality. We would like to introduce you to some of the people behind Lienesch. People who work with passion on collections that are right down to the last detail. Everyone is equally important in this process. In this common endeavour, everyone can develop to their full potential. Our collections embody what we stand for and what we do it for, together. They reflect Lienesch’s identity.

marketing services

inhouse marketing studio

Presenting collections and fabrics well is essential in our business. With the right design and atmosphere, fabrics and color palettes come into their own even more. Over the years we have gained a lot of experience in developing sample presentations and collection books. For this we have inhouse designers that work closely with various sample makers. Our marketing professionals are creative minds with each their own specialty. This allows us to work quickly and effectively and, together with you, to present our products in the most beautiful way.

collection design

As a supplier of fabrics, throughout the years we have built up valuable experience in developing sample presentations and collection books. We are happy to work with you to see which marketing concept suits your brand best. Whether it is a full service concept or already existing collection book, we can create the perfect fit for you.

unique cardservice

Need an unique way to showcase your collection? As an additional service, we offer to order sample cards or complete collection books. The options range from simple neutral cards to fully customized collection books in your company’s own corporate style. Our Card service is a great solution if you want to market your collection professionally and attractively, but do not have the contacts, knowledge or experience to do this yourself. Our in-house designers can help you to create the right presentation form.

marketing concepts

For partners who have built their brand into a well-established name, we can design marketing concepts that perfectly align with their business identity and brand values. If you are looking to strengthen your business identity and are in a need for promotional support there is also the possibility of co-branding with one of our brands. We also offer a complete branded retail concept, tailored especially for small and midsized assemblers with a focus on production and sales. 


The right content is a perfect visual representation of your brand identity. Our marketing designers can create content for both online and offline purposes that make sure you have the right start for the ultimate customer journey. We have the latest content ready for you to use, for example:

  • Fabric close-ups
  • Multi layered scans for 3D digitalization
  • High-end interior photography
  • Technical specification sheets and companions

sample service

Our sample service offers a convenient solution for selecting the perfect fabric for your project. With an extensive collection of high-quality samples, you can explore textures, colors, and patterns. Based on your selection we can provide you hand samples in various measurements. Our cut length service offers a tailored solutions that a more specific project needs. With precise measurements and professional cutting, you can order fabrics in custom lengths, eliminating waste and ensuring efficiency. Experience convenience and flexibility in your fabric sourcing with our cut length service.

social media support

A great resource to create, a fast growing, brand awareness is Social Media. Multiple social media packages are available on request. The social media package that will made available is ready for use and contains the following content:

  • Schedule with guidelines to update your social media
  • General tips including tags
  • Custom made visual content for your socials according to the schedule and guidelines
  • Social media templates to create your own content according to our specifications
  • Additional images, such as logos, mood pictures and more

let’s create the future together!

We are happy to inspire you with innovative ideas and our current window decoration collections.
If you wish to receive more information or a fabric sample, please let us know.