Lienesch Form is inspired by the functional properties of fabrics. Our functional fabrics help architects enhance the visual, thermal and acoustic comfort of a building.

The fabrics in our Form Collection not only contribute to a comfortable indoor climate, they create atmosphere and style. Apart from pure functional fabrics the collection offers decorative woven fabrics and a rich pallet of contemporary colours to suit any space, interior design and architecture. Of course, our contract fabrics meet the functional and technical specifications in the market.

Flame-retardant fabrics are textiles that are more resistant to fire than regular fabrics. These fabrics have been treated so that they slow the spread of fire and provide additional escape time. They are suitable for both the residential and the contract market and available in a wide range of colours. We have fabrics meeting various European and international standards such as B1.

focus of5
concept Alu

focus of5

Focus is made of thin, lightweight yarns woven in a full basket-weave (2/2). It is available in four openness factors (1, 3, 5 and 10%), each available in a range of timeless architectural colours. This screen fabric is recommended for interior application and excels in blocking solar radiation, while offering privacy and maintaining the outward view. Focus is railroadable and available with alu backing and as black-out version.

design colour solar transmittance solar reflectance solar absorbance UV transmittance visible light transmittance
103-01 white 25% 65% 10% 7% 20%
103-02 beige 19% 57% 24% 8% 15%
103-03 light grey 13% 46% 41% 5% 9%
103-04 mouse grey 11% 30% 59% 5% 7%
103-05 charcoal 6% 4% 90% 6% 6%
103-08 black ash 9% 8% 83% 9% 9%
103-11 baltic grey 11% 37% 52% 11% 9%
103-12 black grey 7% 17% 76% 7% 7%

concept Alu

Screen fabric Concept Alu is made of thick PVC-coated fiberglass woven in a half panama. Concept Alu is available in openness factor 3% and in a range of timeless architectural colours. Due to a thin metalized layer, Concept Alu has excellent reflective properties allowing it to achieve significant glare reduction while preserving the outward view. This screen fabric meets the flame retardant properties of the NFPA 701 standard. Concept Alu is recommended for interior application.

design colour solar transmittance solar reflectance solar absorbance UV transmittance visible light transmittance
198-01 silver/white 3% 79% 18% 2% 3%
198-02 silver/beige 3% 80% 17% 2% 3%
198-03 silver/grey 3% 80% 17% 2% 3%
198-04 silver/anthracite 3% 81% 16% 3% 3%
198-05 silver/black 3% 81% 16% 3% 3%

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