For Lienesch Move, the journey is the destination. Our team of experts work with the very best materials and the latest technologies to create custom solutions that allow travelers to enjoy every conceivable comfort.

We create functional fabrics for markets that are always on the move. Collaboration is essential and we understand like no other the importance of function and comfort. We see mobility challenges as the road to progress. In a world where everything is moving at break-neck speed, we are making the impossible possible. Our fabrics reflect the top quality you would expect from Lienesch Move.

By having a practical mind-set and working with the finest materials, we can offer solutions for all types of vehicles: from campers to aircrafts. Our fabrics create atmosphere, privacy and comfort. They protect against sunlight and insects and regulate temperature on hot and cold days. Lienesch Move focuses on the destination, so you can enjoy the journey. For more information about our work method, feel free to contact us.


Lienesch Move fabrics are ideal for markets that specialise in recreational transport. By combining function with timeless colours and patterns, we can offer a suitable solution for all challenges.

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Window coverings for aircrafts are designed to provide various functions, including privacy, light control, and sun protection. By controlling light levels you maintain a comfortable environment.

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Train blinds are often similar to the blinds used in residential and commercial buildings. Blinds for trains serve similar purposes as those for aircrafts, including privacy, light control, and sun protection.

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Window coverings for yachts serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. They provide privacy, control the amount of sunlight entering the yacht, and enhance the overall interior design.

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